2021 ACSS ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Destination Democracy-Social Studies in the Driver’s Seat

30 October 2021, 9am to 11am MST via Zoom

Featured Presenter: Fareed Mostoufi, Associate Director of Education, Pulitzer Center


Cultivating Critical Thinking, Connection, and Empathy through Underreported News Stories and Journalism Skills


The most important news stories are often the ones that students are missing. What are underreported stories?  How can students find them? And how does critical engagement with underreported news stories and journalism skills equip students  to inform themselves, cultivate empathy, and take action?

In this interactive session led by Pulitzer Center education staff, participants will explore methods for engaging students in discussions about where and how they get their news. Staff will share methods for introducing students to the difference between breaking news and underreported stories, and guide participants in an exploration of reporting from diverse media platforms on pressing issues such as climate change, governance, human rights,  indigenous communities, land and property rights, migration, racial justice, religion and more.

Participants will also explore journalism skills that students can apply to begin telling underreported stories from their own communities

This session will include a presentation by a Center-supported journalist, who will describe how to apply interview and photojournalism skills to researching underreported stories. Participants will also explore free virtual resources and activities that can be used to help students practice identifying and researching underreported issues, and evaluate ways that these resources can support their curricula.